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Frequently Asked Question:

Answer: Every record in our Canadian Database has detailed information of all essential fields like - Industry Sector, Major Sic Category (2 Digit), Sub SIC Category(4 Digit), Product or Service Description, Company Name, Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code. Most of the information on every business record is supplemented with business contact details, viz., Telephone numbers, Fax, Web address, Email, Name of the Contact Person, Designation, Annual Sales Volume, Number of Employees, Latitude/Longitude and the year of inception of the business.
Answer: Our experts will mail you with the personalized link from where data can be downloaded, Link will be valid for one week.
Answer: We use the Google style (but custom) crawler approach to build our listings database. Every data element we have (including email address) was pulled from the different authority websites. These include government sites, wiki pages, business bureaus, business's own websites, etc. Every email address was associated with that specific business when the data was refreshed by us. We do check for the validity of the email using their structure (domain validity, regex, etc.). But we do not ping the email directly for verification. That mechanism will put us in the blacklist of email service providers.
Answer: Yes, The database of Canadian businesses can be streamlined and divided into numerous categories, according to the geographical area and/or the industry classification sectors and/or the column-wise.
Enter the name of desired database in the find database inputbox and search desired database form list of datbases.
Answer: The database is updated monthly.
Answer: Please Visit the Link and fill the form with the information, We will verify and add the Record and mail you with the link your company information page.
Answer: Visit your company listing page and you will find a modify details button. On pressing it a form will appear in which you can edit your address, website URL and add missing data. We will verify and revert back to you with Update.
Answer: Yes, Just fill the form with correct information, appearing at the bottom right corner of the window and you will receive the sample dataset on your email address.
Answer: Our Costing is custom made depending upon Geographical area, Quantity of data required, your targeted Industry sectors, etc.
Answer: No, this data is for your personal or business use. Our data is marked with special annotations which will help us to track redistributing of our data.
Answer: We only display Company Name, Address, Website, And Phone no. we do not disclose the email address name of the person, annual sales and opened in a year.
Answer: For more information and/or Enquiry please feel free to contact us on or can even call on +1-714-380-1531 for one to one conversation with our experts.